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Picture of Aaron Stanford as James Cole in 12 Monkeys - text reads Man Out of Time

Oh, Science fiction - you and your attachment to the big moral questions. You keep trying to bring sexy back with your explosions and your space ships but in the end you're just an earnest Ethics student who sits in the front row at every lecture. Four beers on a Saturday night and you're starting arguments about the nature of humanity. And, bless you, don't fans like me just love you for that nerdy, honest commitment to investigating big issues! It's just a shame that sometimes when these conversations get "too real" you cheat and use 'the future' as a convenient escape hatch.

The creators of 12 Monkeys revisit a classic ethical question made much of by other science fiction visual media, including Looper, The Sarah Connor Chronicles and even Dr Who. Is it OK to do anything in order to save the future? 12 Monkeys may be a brand new SFF series for 2015 but its central question is an oldie but a goodie; do the ends really justify the means?

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