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Welcome to Irregularly Scheduled Viewing - a brand new TV writing project from the writers who brought you Feelings About Vampires and Possibly Too Many Words About Robots.

What is Irregularly Scheduled Viewing?

Irregularly Scheduled Viewing is a punk rock experiment in TV writing. We don't offer regular weekly re-caps of the same old shows; instead you'll find meta, essays, lists and co-reviews about the programs we're most passionate about. We'll spend our time chasing down thematic threads, examining TV culture, and talking our heads off about our favs, all in the name of getting you excited about TV.

Meet the Critics

Amy is a passionate media blogger - always well informed about what new shows the networks are planning and how TV works. She has extreme feelings about sports, family dramas and zombies. Right now, she's watching far too many shows to list but her favorites include The Walking Dead, Orphan Black, Bates Motel, and of course every family drama ABC Family will offer up. Amy also blogs at My Friend Amy.

Jodie is heavily invested in many short-lived UK series - don't let her drag you down too! She enjoys watching armed female characters and the boys who love them, improbable SFF dramas, and spy shows. Currently, her favourite programs are Orphan Black, How to Get Away With Murder and The 100. Jodie is also a co-editor of Lady Business, and writes book reviews for Shiny New Books.

We're looking forward to getting started - tearing episodes up, breaking tropes down and getting you to add way too much TV to your DVR. In the meantime, make sure to our Twitter account [ profile] irregularviews to keep up with all our deep and meaningful thoughts. And, y'know, pictures of the hot TV people we're into - important stuff like that.
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