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Jodie: The 2015 Emmy nominations were revealed on Thurs 16th 2015 and this year the nominees included some real fan favourites. Tell me Amy, which nominations are you most excited about?

Amy: I am hands down most excited for Tatiana Maslany. I found it pretty inexcusable she wasn’t nominated last year, so it’s nice to see the Emmys try to freshen up a bit by including her. She’s really doing amazing work and sort of groundbreaking work and she so completely deserves to be recognized for that. I also think that it helps highlight that just because a show may not be Emmy worth as a whole, aspects of it can be. (not saying Orphan Black isn’t worthy of awards, but it might not make a personal short list much as I do enjoy it)

I’m also pleased for Parks and Rec, the only comedy I’ve ever truly loved, and Better Call Saul--which probably lands here due to the pedigree of its creators but one hundred percent deserves to be. I was surprised by this show in such a good way...and have emotionally connected to it far more than I ever did Breaking Bad.

And finally, as a long time fan of Viola Davis and Taraji P Henson...I am of course thrilled for them. I remember when Taraji was excluded from press and promo for Person of Interest to focus on the two white males, so all of her recent success has been really exciting for me.

I am interested also in writing and pleased The Americans managed to get a nomination here, though I feel that show deserved many more.

Jodie: The Lead Actress, Drama is a stonking category this year and pretty much where all my focus is going. I'm torn on who I want to win because Tatiana Maslany is like the Ali Smith of The Emmys - deserved to win it years ago and so now kind of deserves it every year for her body of work. On the other hand, I would give this award to Viola Davis just for "Let's Go Scoping", episode four of How To Get Away With Murder, where Annalise Keating strips off all her makeup and wig. I'm also stoked for Taraji P. Henson (I haven't watched Empire though, should I?) and Claire Danes.

Otherwise, like you I'm excited to see Parks and Recreation nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series and for Amy Poehler's solo award for Lead Actress, Comedy. Glad to see Mark Rylance nominated for Lead Actor, Limited Series or Movie - Wolf Hall was outstanding and Rylance was a huge part of its artistry. Maggie Gyllenhall gave a great performance in The Honourable Woman so it's cool to see her nominated for Lead Actor, Limited Series or Movie. At the same time that programme was so politically icky (and dramatically messy) I'm kind of uncomfortable seeing it recognised for Limited Series. And I think Matt Le Blanc has been killing it on Episodes this year so, even though he doesn't need the nomination, I'm happy to see him on the list for Lead Actor, Comedy.

Finally a couple of supporting comedy nominations I'm super jazzed for - Mayim Bialik and Andre Braugher. I think Bialik is great even if The Big Bang Theory is not great to her character. And Brooklyn Nine Nine is one of my favourite shows. I definitely think more of the cast deserved nominations, but if the Emmy team had to pick just one of the cast Braugher is a good choice.

Amy: On a side note, it’s nice David Oyelowo was nominated for an Emmy, (though I have no idea what Nightingale is) since he was passed over an Oscar. Selma’s Oscar snubs will forever burn me, lol, I really loved that movie.

Jodie: You follow the Emmy's more than me, so which categories do you generally care about most? What do you like about the Emmy's in general?

Amy: I suppose what I enjoy about awards in general, the chance to celebrate something I love, TV. These awards of course, are always sort of disappointing because there is so much TV and only a few can be honored and in general whoever does the honoring seems a bit lazy in that the same things always get nominated. That’s why it’s nice to see some fresh faces.

I care about the popular categories, I guess, and also writing.

Jodie: Any real surprise nominations for you this year? And any big disappointments?

Amy:Yes, snubs. I am so sorely disappointed that a few of my favorite shows aren’t here. Bates Motel had an incredible season and the Vera Farmiga/Freddie Highmore acting duo is an absolute force to be reckoned with. They are both just top notch and bring such incredible life and believability to their roles. I don’t think words can really explain how special they are and perfectly suited for what they’re doing. But the show overall was strong, it just deserves more love.

Jodie: I had a feeling Bates Motel was going to come up! Even though I haven't seen it, I've heard enough and seen enough gifs and clips to think it's got some strong acting.

For my part, I already mentioned that I think more of the Brooklyn Nine Nine cast should be represented on the lists. No Chelsea Perreti? OK! And Stephanie Beatriz is my fav, so *sad face*. Her character started out so one note (I mean a great one note but still) but the writers and she have really developed Rosa into a funny role, and a person that can surprise you with some solid depth.

I'm also pretty bummed that Tamsin Greig and Kathleen Rose Perkins didn't get any kind of nomination for Episodes. I know there's often limited entrance into The Emmys for British shows, and generally I'm pretty chill about that because we have the BAFTAs, but these ladies are the hilarious heart of the show. Their friendship has been such an important part of the most recent series, and I feel like, if The Emmys are going to show they recognise the program by nominating Le Blanc, they should at least recognise one of the female cast too.

And I remain generally sad that Mindy Khaling's work hasn't been recognised this year. I think My Name is Mindy has become such a great program (although like a lot of comedies it contain moments of facepalming terribleness). It would be nice to see her nominated for her role because she's so great.

Amy: Also, The Americans managed a writing nod and guest star nod, but I really feel stars Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell deserve more. Matthew often gets the love from critics, but Keri is incredible, too. But really this show deserves to be in the Best Drama’s smart, well acted, nuanced, thought provoking, bold, surprising...just really good. It’s sad that smaller prestige dramas like The Americans and Sundance Channel’s Rectify can’t find a place here.

And because it’s my favorite show---The Walking Dead. I feel I’ve long since resigned myself to the show never winning anything due to the fact that there are zombies on it, but it still hurts, lol. There was an episode this year, "What Happened and What’s Going On", that was just incredible. I appreciate that the show still tries to do new things and put out good product despite continual award snubs.

Jodie: Do you keep up with how the Emmy's shape up in terms of diversity? If you do, how does the makeup of this batch of nominees compare to previous years do you think?

Amy:Not really, to be honest. I know history has been made with both Viola Davis and Taraji Henson being nominated for Best Actress--which probably tells us everything we need to know. Yay for progress, though, however small.

Jodie: I know - at first I was like 'yay, history'. Then I remembered it's 2015 and TV "progress" still looks like two black actresses getting nominated in one Emmy category in the same year :/

Melissa Silverstein (her Twitter feed is a menace to my 'To Watch' list) highlighted links to other issues including the fact that only three women were nominated in the writer and director categories (boo) but 15 of the Leading Actress nominees are over 35 (hurray, even though we wish this wasn't an issue). She also shared Inkoo Khang's article 2015 Emmy Nod Favourites which gives a rundown of some of the diverse nominations and immediately makes me want to see Bessie.

Amy: Great resources, thank you so much! I’d love to see more opportunities for women in general when it comes to these job opportunities, let alone awards!

Jodie: Finally, any shows featured on the nominations list you're planning to watch now?

Amy: I’d like to check out Olive Kitteridge! How about you?

Jodie:As I'm ridiculously behind on all shows there's so much on the list that I want to watch. Just looking at the list of drama shows I want to get to Orange is the New Black, Better Call Saul, and Transparent. In comedy there's Nurse Jackie, Grace and Frankie, Veep, and The Comeback (is it just me, or are shows about actors playing actors with stalled careers kind of irresistible?). I also want to see Bessie, Steven Universe and Hot Girls Wanted, even though I think that last one is going to terrify me. Any you'd recommend?

I'd also really like to see Olive Kitteridge. Maybe one we could try out together?

Amy: Oh right Steven Universe, I keep seeing that on my tumblr dash, I should check it out. :) And sure to Olive Kitteridge. I liked OITNB’s first season, but I have since fallen behind. Veep definitely looks funny, too. Oh and ofc I think you should check out Better Call Saul! :)

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Love this! Amy never lets anyone forget that we should be watching The Americans (I'm guilty of ignoring it in favor of lighter fare, I confess!), and I swear one of these days I will get on that.

Jodie: YES you should watch Empire. It's enormously fun. I was hooked on the first episode even before the fabulous Taraji P. Henson showed up on screen.
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