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New TV - so much to watch but so little time. In order to keep track of all the programs I want to see, and find out who else is going to be watching them, I'll occasionally be posting lists of five upcoming shows I'm interested in. Come get excited with me in the comments!

A.K.A Jessica Jones

This is the Marvel/Netflix collaboration I'm most excited about. For me this show promises to be a female dominated version of Dinosaurs on a Spaceship - two of my very favourite character types, female superwomen and female detectives, mashed together in one show. It's also made by a female showrunner and stars Krysten Ritter who I could not love to watch more.


Speaking of superwomen… I know chaila and some of the other comic book readers I follow are looking forward to this series and I just think it sounds like the best idea ever. The pilot got leaked and it looks like the best idea for a superhero series I've heard of since I heard about A.K.A Jessica Jones. And will you look at that it's the second program on my list with a female showrunner.

The Expanse

My fellow Lady Business editor Renay is VERY excited about this series and what kind of friend would I be if I didn't get on board? I bought the first book, Renay! I'm a sucker for stories about spaceship life, crew bonds and mysteries so I've got a feeling I'll love this one if it's smart and fun.


The trailers for this show have been interesting - fake adverts for helper robots - and the fact that Colin Morgan is in it makes me want it like woah. So, I hope Humans is great but I'm also a little wary of this show. One of the robots is played by Gemma Chan, an Asian actress, her character lives in the house of a white family and in the most recent trailers the wife seems very aggressive towards her. After reading Alex + Ada and discussing stories about robot servants who look like humans I need to be convinced that any new stories like this aren't going to fuck up.

The Interceptor

The Interceptor, the BBC's new crime thriller series, looks like a good dash of high action fun and I'm a huge sucker for shows stuffed full of familiar BBC faces (Trevor Eve, Lorraine Ashbourne etc.). Plus, I get to look at O. T. Fagbenle for hours on end.

Planning to watch any of these? Want to tell me which upcoming shows you're excited about? Take to the comments (especially you, Amy).

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Oh, I am VERY excited for AKA Jessica Jones. For the others, I will wait and see. If The Expanse were on the CW, I'd be all the way excited for it; but Syfy's record with shows like this is a little spottier. I am at least very WILLING to be excited about The Expanse, if reviews come back positiveish.
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